About me

Gabor Terjek

Hi, I’m Gabor Terjek better know by my artist name “Fiddler”. I’m a qualified audio engineer, music producer and an experienced acoustician. I’ve been awarded for scholarship at SAE Institute Dubai and finished my Bachelor’s degree studies with HD grades. In the past decade I’ve been working on different music projects including, but not limited to theatrical music, background music for websites and e-brochures, and instrumental songs for various artists.

In addition I was involved in film projects as well. I'm also a studio enthusiast, love to collect studio gear and have fun with them. In personal life I'm a proud dad and I love to fish inshore and in deep water as well. 

Technical Experience and Skills

I gained hands-on experience in the past 15 years in professional audio softwares including, but not limited to Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Maschine and Wavelab. I’ve been using these softwares for composing music, recording vocals and various instruments, recording dialogs and sound effects for film (ADR, Foley) as well as repairing, editing, mixing and mastering audio for music and film production.

The 6 years IT support experience have always been a great benefit to me. I’m able to install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot hardware and software of computers, audio equipments and other electronic devices. My hardware knowledge covers soldering and cabling of electronic devices, maintaining and troubleshooting small mechanical devices. 

Room acoustics is something that I’ve picked up in the past years due to home studio installations and also I’ve studied acoustics in SAE Institute. The desire for continuous acoustic improvements encourage me to understand room acoustics, theory, practical measurement, and prepare my own acoustic panels, bass traps and speaker stands. Please visit the Projects menu to get more information about my previous works.

Work and Education

My career started in IT field where I was an IT specialist for years then became IT Helpdesk Leader at General Electric. This was a great opportunity to learn more about IT and supporting internal and external customers. This was a learning curve to get knowledge and experience how to treat customers and how important they are. Being an IT professional added a lot of value to my music production’s career as to set up techniques and using software are a must in this business. I've realized the importance of having education background I started and completed the Audio Engineering bachelor's degree at SAE Institute Dubai and awarded for scholarship.


  • BAP100 - Principles of Sound
  • BAP180 - Introduction to Audio Technology
  • BCM100 - Communication
  • BCM110 - Introduction to Digital Imaging
  • BAP110 - Applied Music Theory
  • BAP120 - Signal Processing and Aural Perception
  • BAP130 - Digital Audio Production
  • BAP150 - MIDI and Electronic Music Production
  • BAP140 - Music Styles
  • BAP160 - Studio Production
  • BAP170 - Creative Project
  • BAP190 - Live Sound Reinforcement
  • BAP205 - Acoustics
  • BAP210 - Role of Producers
  • BCM200 - Project and Research
  • BCM210 - Post Production
  • BAP220 - Music Styles 2
  • BAP230 - Advance Post Production
  • BAP240 - Advanced Studio Production
  • BCM220 - Business and Legal
  • BAP250 - Mastering and Media Preparation
  • BAP260 - Creative Project 2
  • BCM230 - Marketing and Promotions

I've a creative mindset and always do and try out things by myself. My main focus at the moment is to find the right production or media company. Next to it I keep working on new projects in my home studio to get more exposure.


Life Pathway 

  1. Masters DegreeMasters of Science in Acoustics · soon....
  2. SAE Institute2012 to 2014 · Bachelor's Degree in Audio Engineering · Awarded for Scholarship
  3. "Who Wants" Song Release2014 · Nr 1 hit record on EDM.com in weekly and monthly charts. 100k views on Soundcloud
  4. Recirquel - Night Circus2013 to 2014 · Composer, Electronic Orchestration and Mixing Engineer
  5. Open Frequencies2011 to 2012 · Electronic Dance Music Album
  6. General Electric / Genpact2004 to 2009 · IT Helpdesk Specialist and Team Leader
  7. Freelancer DJ2001 to 2005 · Resident DJ in a Budapest Night Club


GE, General Electric Genpact Hungary Palace of Arts Budapest Recirquel - Contemporary Circus Company