Used materials

The Building of the Bass Traps

In order to attenuate the low frequency resonances in the room the application of acoustic panels are required. The so called "Bass Traps" panels are designed to attenuate the lower frequency resonances in the room. There are many different types available such as the active and passive. I chose the passive design that is easy to build and very effectively work in the low frequencies ranges. 

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Detailed Acoustic Analysis of a Home Studio

There are many factors determine the acoustical properties of a room, such as the shape, the structure, dimensions, surface materials and also the furnishing. To get an overall picture about the acoustical properties need to do the theoretical calculations and measurements as well. The modern software that I used, the REW V5 is able to precisely measure the acoustic properties of a room. Also it is also able to analyze and show the frequency responses and the RT60 values from a given impulse response file.

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